Duke City Junior Titans

This is where you'll find updates o­n the Duke City Jr. Titans. We are a strength team for boys and girls ages fourteen to twenty-three. Our activities include Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Strongman Events and Highland Games. Strength sports are divided into weight and age catagories so they are accessible to kids of ALL SIZES.

Our goal is to help kids become stronger (in mind, body and spirit) by learning the value of discipline. Through devloping the skills to make better life choices our team members will help make a better community. We will post information o­n our team members, coaches and staff. We will also post training progress and hope to soon have a forum for youth-strength-training discussions.

If we can be of any assistance, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or see the "Contact Us" link o­n the home page.

  • You think “high reps” is a term that refers to salesmen on ladders
  • You’re embarrassed to admit to EVER doing cardio
  • “Go heavy or Go home!” is stenciled on something you own
  • When you meet someone the first thing you wonder is if you could beat them on formula
  • You think the term “getting down” refers to squat depth
  • You KNOW that pain is just weakness leaving your body, and you like it
  • Guys: The first thing you notice about a woman is the size of her…hands (for deadlifting)
    Girls: You check out a guys butt to see if he’s been squatting deep enough
  • You’d sell your cousin for 20 lb. on your PR
  • You know when your friends say “I thought about you yesterday”, they were moving something heavy


Name: Chris Anderson
Nick Name: "Tofa"
Weight Class: 250/275lb
Born In: 1987
Home Town: Rio Rancho, NM
High School: Rio Rancho High
Best Lifts:
Squat -507lb Bench-342lb Dead-485 lb PL Total- 1334lb
C&J - TBD; Snatch - TBD
Chris has the strongest grip of any 16 year old in history! (well that's our story anyway)

"You decide which o­ne is Chris"
Members of the Duke City Junior Titans shall conduct themselves as upstanding members of the community. DCJT team members are expected to display respect and courtesy while attending team functions. As DCJT team members are representatives of the team to the community in general members are expected to observe our high standards of behaviour when away from the team as well. Any activities that are deemed by the board as either illegal or to go against the greater good of the community shall be cause for disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion from the team.
Team members must be nominated by the faculty of their school
Team members must be confirmed by the DCJT Board

Team members must also:

  • Follow the DCJT Code of Conduct
  • Perform 2 hrs/week of community service with team
  • Come to workouts
  • Participate in team events
  • Stay enrolled in school
  • Maintain C grade average or better
  • Submit to random drug testing by the team (testing positive o­n a drug screen results in expulsion from the team)