Metro PAL News

Dona Ana County PAL - Three New Boxing Programs

Sheriff Juan Hernandez, Dona Ana PAL Director, is proud to announce the opening of three new Boxing Programs: Dona Ana PAL Boxing, Billy The Kid Boxing Program in Mesilla, and the Hatch Boxing Club.

NEW Gallup PAL Youth Weighlifting Program

Gallup PAL is sponsoring a Youth Weighlifting Program. The program will be open to youth ten years and above. Teens welcome. For more informaiton, call Annette Aragon at the McKinley County Sheriff's Department, 505-722-7205.

New Programs for NMSPAL

NMSPAL extends their sincere appreciation to Wanda Blacksher and NM Mutual Group for their funding support of the Health Mentorship Program that is being implemented into established recreational programs throughout the state.
Governor Richardson has allocated funds to NMSPAL in 2005 to support their prevention-intervention outreach efforts for at-risk children and youth and their families. The Governor's belief in the NMSPAL Mission is greatly appreciated.
Representative Rick Miera has secured funding for equipment purchases for PAL kids in Bernalillo County, in 2005. Rick has been a good friend to NMSPAL for many years, and the organization greatly benefits from his continued generosity.
Special thanks go out to General Mills for their grant award to support new programs in 2005.

The Albuquerque Community Foundation awarded a grant to NMSPAL in 2004 to support the Girls' Health Mentorship Program. This project combined established girls sports programs, which include karate, judo, and boxing, with an educational intervention that focused on reducing and preventing health-risk behaviors. The sports' environment provided the female participants with experiences of teamwork, goal-setting, positive adult mentoring, leadership training, as well as a ready-made social support system.

The program was so successful, that it will be continued as part of the NMSPAL program curriculum in 2006. A nutritional program will also be added to the project.

Special thanks go out to the Albuquerque Community Foundation for their funding support of the Girls' Health Pilot Project. The implementation of this mentorship program helped many young women learn how to cope with circumstances and change behaviors that threatened their well-being.
The NMSPAL Gang Prevention-Intervention Program is awaiting further funding to be established state-wide, and in partnership with State PALS' in California, Florida and New Jersey.

For more information on these programs please contact Marcanne Beck, NMSPAL Deputy Director, at 254-4805, on line, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.